Automotive Engineering

November 3, 2016

    • SAE Convergence 2016
      Talk of the healthy aspects of disruption mingles with SAE's renowned technical emphasis to foster the auto industry's continuing evolution toward electrification and autonomy.
    • The Battery Man Speaks
      The speed of progress in automotive lithium batteries has impressed AABC's Dr. Menahem Anderman. So has silicon-graphite anode technology development from Tesla and Panasonic.
    • Industry 4.0: The smart factory arrives
      The plants that produce automotive systems and vehicles are increasingly employing intelligent systems, Big Data and advanced analytics to improve quality, safety and efficiency.
    • Editorial: Promise of 48 volts is no shock
    • Nissan unveils variable-compression-ratio ICE for 2018 Infiniti production model
    • Optimizing engine oil warm-up strategies for 'real-world' driving
    • In search of higher-energy-content batteries
    • Making Multiphysics fast and convenient
    • I.D. Concept heralds VW's electric Bolt fighter for 2020
    • Aero-slick Land Rover Discovery sheds 1058 lb, gains features
    • Honda's all-new 2017 CR-V: Larger, lighter, turbocharged
    • Ram Rebel TRX concept has 2017 Ford Raptor in its sights
    • Bob Lutz on what makes a great engineer