March 2016

    • Autonomous vehicles: impact on society
      Self-driving technology offers plenty of promise, but not everything about autonomous vehicles will be a panacea.
    • Crankshaft reliability by integrated design, simulation, and testing
      This testing method is proven and beneficial for the design and development of the crankshaft and could be applied to other critical engine components, thereby extending to system reliability.
    • New Engines 2016
      Highlighting the design, engineering, and technologies inside some of the most competitive gasoline and light-duty diesel ICEs.
    • Touch and go
      Avionics developments are changing life in the cockpit and at airborne work stations.
    • Improving heavy-duty engine component efficiencies
      Cylinder deactivation can improve fuel economy by using a reduced number of cylinders that operate at higher loads and thermal efficiency, while other cylinders are turned off, when the engine operates at partial load conditions. A switching roller finger follower is one of the technologies that help make it work.
    • Low-friction techniques push advanced city-car project toward 84-mpg target
    • Clean-sheet design for Proterra's all-electric city bus
    • GE's clean-sheet turboprop engine to launch with Textron Aviation
    • OTA reflashing: the challenges and solutions
    • Clamoring for a connection
    • HMIs offer something for everyone
    • Secondary loop and heat pump climate control under evaluation once more
    • SABIC showcases customizable sheet, 3D seat for aircraft interiors
    • Ford looks to spread Corning's new lightweight Gorilla Glass beyond the 2017 GT
    • 2016 Civic structure employs 'first' partial in-die soft zones
    • UCLA researchers develop new strong and lightweight metal nanocomposite
    • GT350 Mustang features novel composite structural component
    • Crash testing advances on many fronts
    • Evaluating new forestry machines in a fraction of the time
    • Aurora Flight Sciences, Stratasys debut at Dubai jet-powered, 3D printed UAV
    • Surface Generation speeds composites throughput with one-shot stamp-forming process
    • GE scanner enhances defect detection for industrial CT
    • Hot-stamping process from Schuler employs flexible 'pressure controlled hardening'
    • BUDD-e concept forecasts what VW zero-emission van could be in 2019
    • Airbus looks to expand military product lines