June 2016

    • Base-engine value engineering for higher fuel efficiency and enhanced performance
      Continuous improvement in existing engines can be efficiently achieved with a value engineering approach. The integration of product development with value engineering ensures the achievement of specified targets in a systematic manner and within a defined timeframe.
    • Integrated system engineering for valvetrain design and development of a high-speed diesel engine
      The lead time for engine development has reduced significantly with the advent of advanced simulation techniques.
    • Cars poised to become 'a thing'
      Making automobiles part of the Internet of Things brings both risks and rewards.
    • Agility training for cars
      Chassis component suppliers refine vehicle dynamics at the high end and entry level with four-wheel steering and adaptive damping.
    • Evaluating thermal design of construction vehicles
      CFD simulation is used to evaluate two critical areas that address challenging thermal issues: electronic control units and hot-air recirculation.
    • Clutchless hybrid transmission concept for high-performance cars
    • Perkins takes modular approach to new Syncro 2.8- and 3.6-L engines
    • Ground testing begins on the GE9X
    • V-CR, water injection, new EGR methods top SAE engines symposium
    • Next-gen electronic controls: Open source, scalable and integrated
    • Software's role continues to expand
    • Harman advanced concept brings intuitive HMI to automated driving
    • Airbus brings four dimensions to Airspace
    • Chipmakers gearing up for on-board wireless charging
    • Cadillac XT5's new platform cuts weight-at less cost
    • Innovative wing structure contributes to Clean Sky next-gen aircraft
    • Nanotechnology may provide self-cleaning, energy-saving 'smart glass' for vehicles
    • Biomimetics: nature leads the way on design
    • DSD, Solvay 'sink their teeth' into plastic transmission advances
    • Digital dummies in virtual collisions augment traditional crash tests
    • Caterpillar eyes 3D printing for production parts
    • Tesla's highly-anticipated Model 3 brings technology questions
    • New Komatsu wheel loader with Tier 4F engine consumes 13% less fuel
    • Lockheed Martin LM-100J starts taking (a similar) shape
    • 2017 Pacifica is first hybrid minivan, rides on all-new FCA platform
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