SAE Off-Highway Engineering

December 2, 2016

    • Autonomous plows ahead
      Agriculture, construction, mining-even marine-are advancing autonomous technology to improve the productivity and safety of vehicles on the job.
    • Expediting engine design
      Simulation tools drive development of the most complex, fuel- efficient and powerful engines ever seen in off-highway applications.
    • Industry 4.0: The smart factory arrives
      The plants that produce vehicles and their high-tech systems are increasingly employing intelligent systems, Big Data and advanced analytics to improve quality, safety and efficiency.
    • The future is not so far-off
    • Enhanced Cat 3500 engine boosts power 20%, trims fuel usage by 10%
    • Phase 2 GHG rules driver for advanced technology, alternative fuels
    • Eaton demonstrates waste heat recovery, variable valve actuation for HD diesels
    • Hyliion develops add-on hybrid system for semi-trailers that reduces fuel consumption by 30%
    • Tech-heavy Iveco Z Truck concept spawns 29 patents
    • EPA's Grundler talks Phase 2 regs
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