Aerospace & Defense Technology

April 2017

    • Designing Electronic Warfare to Regain Airborne Military Dominance
    • Certifying Composite Designs for Aerospace and Defense
    • Electric Rockets and the Future of Satellite Propulsion
    • Flat Cable Technology for Aerospace Applications
    • XPONENTIAL 2017 - An AUVSI Experience
    • Pulse Analysis Techniques for Radar and Electronic Warfare
    • Reconfigurable Radio Tracks Flights Worldwide
    • Development of an Optically Modulated Scatterer Probe for a Near-Field Measurement System
    • Using Dempster-Shafer Fusion for Personnel Intrusion Detection
    • Angular Random Walk Estimation of a Time-Domain Switching Micromachined Gyroscope
    • Using Fisher Information Criteria for Chemical Sensor Selection via Convex Optimization Methods
    • Luminescence Materials as Nanoparticle Thermal Sensors
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