Aerospace & Defense Technology

December 2017

    • High-Reliability Capacitors
      When the Mission Just Can't Fail
    • WIAMan
      High-Tech Test Lab Focuses on Saving Soldiers' Lives
    • Improving the Surface Finish of Additive Manufactured Parts
      A new chemical immersion treatment could revolutionise the aerospace industry
    • Using Thermoplastic Composites for Aerospace Applications
    • Identifying and Isolating Signals Using Radio Frequency Photonics
    • Bioinspired Surface Treatments for Improved Decontamination: Commercial Products
      Investigation seeks to determine which coatings shed fluids most effectively.
    • Mechanical Characterization and Finite Element Implementation of the Soft Materials Used in a Novel Anthropometric Test Device for Simulating Underbody Blast Loading
      Understanding the mechanical behavior of components made from eight soft polymer materials is necessary to ensure the predictive capability of WIAMan FE models.
    • Processing and Characterization of Lightweight Syntactic Materials
      Hollow spheres encapsulated in a metal matrix, syntactic metal foam offer significant potential as lightweight energy-absorbing materials.
    • High Temperature Graphene-Peek Adhesive
      Compounding graphene into polymers has the potential to improve various material properties, even at very low concentrations.
    • Stress Corrosion-Cracking and Corrosion Fatigue Impact of IZ-C17+ Zinc-Nickel on 4340 Steel
      New protective material could replace cadmium and aluminum coatings on critical components.
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