Aerospace & Defense Technology

May 2017

    • Interoperability Standards Pave the Way for Modular Robotic Manipulators
    • Solar Powering UAVs
    • Deploying COTS Subsystems in UUVs
    • Developing a Multi-Modal UGV Robot Control Interface
    • Fast-Tracking Autonomous Vehicles with Simulation
    • Gesture-Based Controls for Robots: Overview and Implications for Use by Soldiers
    • Identifying the Flow Physics and Modeling Transient Forces on Two-Dimensional Wings
    • Experimental Confirmation of an Aquatic Swimming Motion Theoretically of Very Low Drag and High Efficiency
    • The Scaling of Loss Pathways and Heat Transfer in Small Scale Internal Combustion Engines
    • A Guide for Developing Human-Robot Interaction Experiments in the Robotic Interactive Visualization and Experimentation Technology (RIVET) Simulation