SAE Truck & Off-Highway Engineering

April 2017

    • Connectivity continues its advance
      More OEMs and Tier 1 suppliers are focusing on embedded telematic systems, hoping to displace aftermarket hardware.
    • Tailoring fuel injection to control NOx
      The next big step to help heavy-duty diesel engines meet stricter emissions regulations involves adapting the fuel-injection system to the combustion needs.
    • Active on safety
      Crash-avoidance technologies are vital "building blocks" to automate commercial vehicles, implement truck platooning and ultimately achieve zero accidents.
    • Engineering with simulation and data
      Companies are discovering new simulation techniques, especially optimization; the next step is to combine simulation with sensor data and predictive analytics to create even more robust off-highway equipment.
    • Bright lights, bright outlook
    • Faurecia targets NOx reduction at lower exhaust temps with lightweight cartridges
    • Military system designers aren't resting on COTS deployment
    • Real-time manipulator position sensing for automation of hydraulic excavators
    • t ConExpo, Isuzu Motors announces heavy-duty natural gas engine for off-highway
    • International develops new, lighter A26 engine to replace N13
    • Sharpening the focus on OBD-II security
    • AVL's Dr. Marko Dekena: Alternative powertrain tech, connectivity hot topics at ICPC 2017
    • Case unveils compact dozer loader concept at ConExpo
    • Work trucks strive to curtail addiction to fuel