Tech Briefs

April 2018

    • Laser Detecting Systems
      Enhancing Survivability and Lethality on the Battlefield
    • Designing With Plastics for Military Equipment
    • Engine Air-Brakes
      Paving the Way to Quieter Aircraft
    • Nett Warrior
      Enhancing Battlefield Connectivity and Communications
    • XPONENTIAL 2018 - An AUVSI Experience
    • Communications in Space: A Deep Subject
    • First Air-Worthy Metal-Printed RF Filter Ready for Takeoff
    • Validation of Automated Prediction of Blood Product Needs Algorithm Processing Continuous Non-Invasive Vital Signs Streams (ONPOINT4)
      Using a combination of non-invasive sensors, advanced algorithms, and instruments built for combat medics could reduce hemorrhaging and improve survival rates.
    • Calculation of Weapon Platform Attitude and Cant Using Available Sensor Feedback
      Successful development of mobile weapon systems must incorporate operation on sloped terrain.
    • Designing for Compressive Sensing: Compressive Art, Camouflage, Fonts, and Quick Response Codes
      Achieving optimal CS performance requires a balance between object sparsity and distortion.
    • Phonon Confinement Effect in TiO2 Nanoparticles as Thermosensor Materials
      Thermal sensors have the unique ability to forensically retain the complete thermal history (spatial and temporal variation) of an event under extreme conditions.