Tech Briefs

June 2018

    • Beyond VMEbus - A New Concept
    • Taming the Thermal Behavior of Solid-State Military Lasers
    • Solving the Challenge of Thermal Design in Aerospace Electronics
    • Improving Component Life in Abrasive, Corrosive Aerospace Environments
    • New Pulse Analysis Techniques for Radar and EW
    • Validation of Ubiquitous 2D Radar
    • Converting Existing Copper Wire Firing System to a Fiber-Optically Controlled Firing System for Electromagnetic Pulsed Power Experiments
      Technological improvements make pulsed-power experiments with gunpowder- or air-driven guns safer.
    • Low-Cost Ground Sensor Network for Intrusion Detection
      COTS-based system could provide increased level of security with less manpower.
    • In-Network Processing on Low-Cost IoT Nodes for Maritime Surveillance
      Commercially available system of distributed wireless sensors could increase the Navy's intelligence collection footprint.
    • Co-Prime Frequency and Aperture Design for HF Surveillance, Wideband Radar Imaging, and Nonstationary Array Processing
      Developing novel co-prime sampling and array design strategies to achieve high-resolution estimation of spectral power distributions and signal direction-of-arrivals (DOAs).