Tech Briefs

September 2018

    • Enhanced SATCOMs for Unmanned Aerial Systems
    • The Bus Too Tough to Die
    • Combating Infrared Threats on the Battlefield
    • Optical Interconnect Design Challenges in Space
    • High-Performance Computing for the Next-Generation Combat Vehicle
    • Merging Antenna and Electronics Boosts Energy and Spectrum Efficiency
    • Integrated Magneto-Optical Devices for On-Chip Photonic Systems
      Development of magneto-optical (MO) materials could lead to a range of nonreciprocal optical devices for emerging standardized photonic integrated circuit (PIC) fabrication processes.
    • Low Power Optical Phase Array Using Graphene on Silicon Photonics
      Electrostatic doping of 2D materials embedded in waveguides could enable ultrafast devices with unprecedented power.
    • Spatial Resolution and Contrast of a Focused Diffractive Plenoptic Camera
      New technology captures spectral and spatial information of a scene in one snapshot while raising pixel counts and improving image quality.
    • Ultracompact, High-Speed Field-Effect Optical Modulators
      Conductive oxides-based modulator devices could provide promising candidates for ultra-compact and ultra-fast optical interconnects in future integrated photonic circuits.