Automotive Engineering

October 2018

    • Transforming Tenneco
      From new-tech suspensions to curb motion sickness, to composite exhausts, Dr. Ben Patel's engineers are innovating toward the electrified, automated-driving future.
    • The electric future-Audi-style
      The first-ever electric vehicle from Audi, the e-tron, is production-ready and as expected, impressively engineered.
    • Dual-volute salute!
      BorgWarner's new twist in turbocharging helps GM's new L3B gasoline four deliver V6-beating power and torque, with diesel-like fuel efficiency, in full-size pickup trucks.
    • Editorial
      OEMs deny suppliers the limelight
    • SAE Standards News
      Battery-size standards Technical Information Report available
    • Supplier Eye
      The future of "core" vehicle systems
    • The Navigator
      Ideas for multi-modal mobility
    • What We're Driving
    • VinFast: Vietnam's first car company has big ambitions
    • Mercedes-Benz getting serious about fuel-cells-for vans
    • Autonomous vehicles present passive-safety challenges
    • Millers Oils tackles EV lubrication challenges
    • OEMs progress to 'functional engineering' as digital tools evolve
    • Schaeffler debuts new Mover concept at Detroit symposium
    • With 2019 Sierra, GMC puts brand differentiation behind it-literally
    • 2019 Honda Pilot gets refined 9-speed, tougher styling
    • Subaru 'Ascends' to three-row crossover segment
    • Toyota 'hatches' new Corolla variant
    • Q&A
      Renovo Auto's Chris Heiser on OS for AMoD