Autonomous Vehicle Engineering

August 2018

    • Editorial
    • Blockchain Unchained!
      The weird world of cryptocurrency exists because of the intense mathematics of blockchain technology. The mobility sector is looking beyond Bitcoin to put blockchain to work in potentially game-changing ways.
    • Are Blockchain and 'Smart Contracts' the Secure Future?
      Legal risk and reward of blockchain and smart contracts as a prescription for automotive applications
    • Software Building Blocks for AV Systems
      Elektrobit's unique software framework is designed to smooth development of automated driving functions.
    • Cyber Security Goes Upstream
      The first cloud-based solution for connected vehicles was born in Israel and is now pilot testing at global OEMs.
    • Electronic Architectures Get Smart
      Upgradable, scalable and powerful new architectures will help enable data-hungry connected, autonomous vehicles. Aptiv's VP of Mobility Architecture explains.
    • Reliability, Safety, and AV Development
      An overemphasis on safety without a robust and equivalent reliabili-ty process and organization will result in errors that could be catastrophic.
    • Understanding the Self-Driving Revolution
      A new book on autonomy from one of the ultimate insiders.
    • Software Rewrites the Rules
      Revenue streams and business models are changing as more vehicle functions move to software. Blackberry QNX's John Wall explains.
    • Truck Platoons on the Move
      Trials increase to determine if fuel economy, safety improvements make platooning worthwhile-but issues still need to be resolved.
    • Defanging Driverless Cars
      A pioneering program gives everyday people the chance to ride in an automated vehicle on public roads.
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