SAE Truck & Off-Highway Engineering

April 2018

    • Connectivity takes center stage
      Telematic links have become the norm, helping fleet owners and operators improve efficiency and letting OEMs predict component failures.
    • More power, less noise, fewer emissions
      These key attributes drive development of new generators both big and small.
    • TARDEC pursues advanced power generation
      U.S. Army, GM collaborate on fuel-cell-generated electricity to power the vehicle's propulsion system and onboard electronics, while providing off-vehicle power via an Exportable Power Take-Off unit.
    • Developing an alternative engine concept
      Ricardo's CryoPower engine leverages two unique combustion techniques for reduced emissions and fuel consumption-liquid nitrogen and split combustion. Long-haul trucking and stationary power generation will be the first beneficiaries of the technologies.
    • Technology time-warp
      The road to autonomous driving has been under construction for decades, as showcased by SAE's Mobility History Committee at the 2018 WCX in Detroit.
    • Editorial
      'Heavy' topics on tap for WCX18
    • Hackers aim to exploit vulnerabilities in CVs, pushing security to the forefront
    • Generative design software exploits AI to change how new vehicles, equipment are designed
    • SwRI's ECTO-Lab bridges gap in catalyst and aftertreatment development
    • Diesel reigns as alternatives expand their role in commercial trucks
    • AKG R&D center boasts unique large-radiator thermal shock test stand
    • JCB reveals new range of crawler excavators, first fully-electric mini excavator
    • Medium-duty truck market heats up