Automotive Engineering

May 2019

    • Steel stands tall
      Through constant innovation, mobility's longtime incumbent material maintains its star status for vehicle structures -and a collaborative development model.
    • The economics of materials selection
      Cost per pound of reduced vehicle mass is helping to drive innovation in steel, aluminum and carbon composites.
    • A step-change in the cost of CFRP
      Williams Advanced Engineering reveals secrets behind its innovations aimed at moving carbon fiber into the mobility mainstream.
    • Aluminum is the key "lever"
      Aluminum BIW and closure parts are essential for achieving both regulatory and OEM goals for improved vehicle efficiency.
    • F1 streamlines for closer racing
      In the downforce vs. turbulence battle, Formula 1 enacts technical changes to rev up the on-track spectacle.
    • Unlocking DfAM's potential
      A new field-based design software is supporting more widespread use of additive manufacturing, for faster product-development times with less rework and risk.
    • Editorial
      Choking on the haze of California vs. the Feds
    • SAE Standards News
      Committee works to update Gasoline Fuel Injection standards
    • Supplier Eye
      Surprises on the lightweighting front
    • What We're Driving
    • Why JLR is reviving the inline-six
    • Studies show cold temps cripple EV range
    • Ford demos latest digital tools at flagship transmission plant
    • For bonding dissimilar materials, adhesives can be a sticking point-or lack of it
    • Jeep revives its pickup mojo with 2020 Gladiator
    • New platform, chic sheetmetal for tech-centric 2020 Range Rover Evoque
    • Q&A
      'Gladiator lingo' with Jeep's Elizabeth Krear and Pete Milosavlevski