Aerospace & Defense Technology

December 2019

    • Engineered Solutions for Enclosure Sealing and Insulation
    • Tips for Reducing Error When Using Eddy Current Measuring Techniques
    • Reducing the High Cost of Titanium
    • Streamlining Post-Processing in Additive Manufacturing
    • Software-Defined Analog Filters: A Paradigm Shift in Radio Filter Performance and Capability
    • SDR Interface for the NeXtRAD Multistatic Radar System
    • Electrodeposition of Metal Matrix Composites and Materials Characterization for Thin-Film Solar Cells
      Metal matrix composites, which consist of silver-multiwalled carbon nanotube-silver, layer-by-layer stacks, can electrically bridge the cracks (>40 ?m) that appear in semiconductor substrates and the composite grid lines.
    • Sensing Applied Load and Damage Effects in Composites with Nondestructive Techniques
      Comparing and correlating piezoelectrically induced guided waves, acoustic emission, thermography, and X-ray imaging to determine the effects of applied load on a composite structure.
    • Technology Impact Forecasting for Multi-Functional Composites
      Multi-functional composites offer a possible solution to the conflicting design goals of making new aircraft lighter, stronger, faster, and more environmentally sustainable.
    • Molecular Engineering for Mechanically Resilient and Stretchable Electronic Polymers and Composites
      Establishing the design criteria for elasticity and ductility in conjugated polymers and composites by analysis of the structural determinants of the mechanical properties.