Automotive Engineering

June 2019

    • Rethinking aluminum for NVH abatement
      Engineers, abandon those mastics! New "quiet" materials solutions are at hand.
    • Paradigm shift in NVH
      A new wave of vehicle technologies is changing the way Brüel & Kjaer attacks noise, vibration and harshness.
    • How a Tier 2 tackles NVH
      Saint-Gobain invested in anechoic testing so small components can make a big NVH difference.
    • Reducing NVH through refined powertrain measurement
      The C1000 vastly simplifies measuring the mass matrix of heavy, odd shaped engines and powertrains.
    • Foam for NVH solutions
      New innovations for a wide variety of sound-deadening applications.
    • Long time coming: 2020 Corvette
      After six decades of teasing enthusiasts with intriguing concepts, Chevrolet is launching an all-new Corvette with its engine located where Zora intended-behind the driver.
    • Protecting high-voltage circuits
      Yazaki readies a new solution for arc suppression in circuits of 48V or more.
    • Editorial
      The unforgettable pyramid on the hood
    • Supplier Eye
      Enter the dragon
    • ICE researchers: 50% gasoline-engine efficiency in sight
    • EMBATT looks to double the driving range of EVs
    • Ford amped for new phase of hybrid-electric offensive
    • As automotive climates shift, GKN ramps up its winter testing
    • Mazda finally ready with Skyactiv-D for U.S.
    • 2020 Escape: Ford's first crossover on new global FWD architecture
    • New design for 2020 Mitsubishi Outlander Sport as brand awaits alliance's new platforms, products