Automotive Engineering

September 2019

    • Engineering the 2020 Chevrolet Corvette
      The eighth-gen (C8) Corvette is a creative mix of novel and traditional technical solutions - unleashed at a shockingly low base price.
    • Stuck on structural adhesives
      As the need for lighter materials and enhanced body performance intensifies, structural adhesives flourish as a materials-joining solution.
    • Rethinking ADAS materials
      New specialized thermoplastics offer greater design freedom to improve sensor performance and packaging, at reduced cost.
    • Inside VW's expanding Silicon Valley lab
      The pioneering California innovation hub enters its third decade on a new wave of innovation.
    • Editorial
      There is no substitute for 'Automotive Grade'
    • Standards News
      SAE embraces micromobility and its macro challenges
    • Supplier Eye
      The value - and risks - of Technology Testbeds
    • What We're Driving
    • Latest mass-reducing innovations honored by Altair
    • GM underway with plan to build U.S. electric-vehicle charging infrastructure
    • Ford 'cranks' it up with another big V8 for Mustang
    • ZF shifts EV transmission efficiency up a gear
    • 2020 Hyundai Palisade: New chassis, Atkinson V6
    • Ford returns to OHVs for new commercial-truck V8
    • Q&A
      American Battery Solutions Inc.'s Subash Dhar