Autonomous Vehicle Engineering

January 2019

    • Editorial
      Trust, testing and transition
    • SAE Standards News
      SAE updates J3016 automated-driving graphic
    • View from a Visionary
      Chris Urmson helped give birth to vehicle autonomy. His company, Aurora, is leading the technology to maturity and widespread adoption.
    • Extending EV Range Using AV Programming
      Intelligent programming of autonomous electric vehicles offers potentially big energy savings, according to a study by IAV.
    • Intel Study: Autonomous Vehicles Expected to be Common-in 50 Years
      New U.S. consumer survey sees most Americans "expect" AVs, though many currently fear the technology.
    • Europe's Latest AV Testing Facilities Key for Swift Autonomous Adoption
      The need for data sharing and commonality in burgeoning AV technologies is bringing new meaning to the words 'proving grounds.'
    • End Public 'Shadow' Driving!
      The best way to test and train AI for autonomous vehicles is through proper simulation, systems engineering, and an end-state scenario matrix. A veteran engineer explains why the current AV testing paradigm must change.
    • StreetDrone Offers Cost-Effective 'Mule' for AV Developers
      Two mobility-minded entrepreneurs make development of autonomous technology easier and more affordable for anyone.
    • Predicting the Road to Efficiency
      Leveraging the building blocks of automated driving, Delphi's Intelligent Driving technology is designed to improve the efficiency and driving range of any vehicle.
    • AV Regulations: Feds Ready to Get Their Claws Back?
      The new AV 3.0 federal guidelines for autonomous-vehicle development drew criticism for having no legal teeth. But they may only be the beginning.
    • Florida's Babcock Ranch and the Future of Autonomous Communities
      An 18,000-acre development in southwest Florida seeks to be the model for short-range autonomous mobility and sustainable power for it all.
    • Eying Mobility's Next Phases
      At the 2018 Los Angeles Auto Show, automakers and mobility experts examine mobility's ongoing transformation.
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