Autonomous Vehicle Engineering

March 2019

    • Editorial
      It's more than just a magazine
    • The Navigator
      Needed: a step beyond STEM
    • SAE AV Activities
      A listing of SAE International's autonomous vehicle-related offerings across the organization.
    • Autonomy for the Masses
      Ford Autonomous Vehicles LLC aims to do for AVs what the Model T did for just about everyone. CEO Sherif Marakby explains.
    • Speeding Thermal Analysis for Autonomous EVs
      Solving thermal challenges is vital to AEV development. Siemens PLM's new Simcenter integrated simulation package offers a high-fidelity, easy-to-use solution.
    • New Mobility's Mega-Mappers
      Most believe ultrahigh-definition mapping is crucial to make high-level automated driving possible. Developing these maps is a huge undertaking-one that's enjoying a massive investment of money and talent.
    • From a Blip to a Boom
      Automotive radar rides the 77-GHz technology wave toward greater capability and vehicle safety.
    • The Swedish Word for AV Tech
      Veoneer, a new Tier 1 supplier with well-established roots, is moving rapidly into AI, says veteran research boss Ola Boström.
    • Safety Testing for AVs is Just Beginning
      There is much work to be done in creating accurate, reliable tests for occupant crashworthiness tailored to new AV designs and seating configurations.
    • Industry Unsettled on Vehicle Connectivity Standard
      As data and data-sharing become more crucial to the transportation evolution, the auto sector has yet to gain consensus on the best connectivity format.
    • Road Tested
      Transportation-infrastructure expert Kirk Steudle reflects on the rapid progress toward the connected-AV future and the challenges ahead.
    • Modeling the Road Ahead for AVs
      Detailed virtual environments are vital to developing, testing and validating autonomous systems.
    • Is the Future of Aerial Autonomy Up in the Air?
      As autonomous-drone and air-taxi concepts debut, legal hurdles will need to be cleared before the skies are automated.
    • Autonomy Meets Agronomy
      John Deere sows some autonomy ideas at CES 2019.