Autonomous Vehicle Engineering

July 2019

    • Editorial
      The consolidation plot thickens
    • The Navigator
      As the world turns to C-V2X, Europe picks WiFi
    • Complexity of Autonomous-Systems Simulation, Validation Soars to the Clouds
      Scalable, cloud-based architectures are gaining greater acceptance for simulating and testing the myriad development aspects of automated driving.
    • Connectivity Solutions for AVs
      The promises of fully connected autonomous vehicles are great, but so are the challenges.
    • What M&E Can Teach the AV Industry About Data
      Media & entertainment offers important learnings on data retention, management, scalability and security.
    • The Rodney Dangerfield of Automated-Driving Sensors
      Radar and lidar get all the attention, but Inertial Measurement Units are the backbone of sensor fusion. Suppliers are scrambling to make IMUs more accurate-and much less expensive.
    • The Sense-itive Side of Autonomous Vehicles
      BASF is exploring how specific materials-and even paint colors and finishes-can improve the capabilities of AV sensors.
    • German University Studying Assisted-Driving 'Handoff'
      Germany's Kempten University Adrive Living Lab will feature aVDS driving simulator to research ADAS stress levels.
    • ZF's Current Work Builds for the EV, AV Future
      The Tier-1 giant's "vision" for improving future mobility leverages its latest safety and chassis-development innovations.
    • Hot New 'Hands-On' Direction in ADAS Safety Research
      JLR researches use of steering wheel heating and cooling to reduce driver workload
    • 5G Cellular-Enabled Test Infrastructure for AVs Launched at Millbrook
      Autonomous-vehicle 5G development support moves ahead at Millbrook Proving Ground in the U.K.
    • Delivering on Autonomous Transport
      Einride ramps up industry partnerships and on-road demos of its all-electric self-driving truck that's missing one thing: a cab for the drivers.
    • Driverless Ridesharing Remains in Uber's Sights
      Introducing a new, production-ready AV with partner Volvo, Uber's ride-share network is likely to offer self-driving vehicles on select routes.