Autonomous Vehicle Engineering

September 2019

    • Editorial
      The new 'face' of privacy
    • The Navigator
      No trust in AI systems without data protection
    • Innovation Nation
      In the mobility space, Israel is rivaling Silicon Valley for smarts and start-ups - and beats it in chutzpah.
    • Autonomy in your Face
      Biometric technology is deemed essential to ensuring AV driving safety and advancing the user experience-if privacy issues don't derail its deployment.
    • About Face!
      To win acceptance, deployment of facial-recognition technology needs to fit within a picture-perfect consumer and legal framework that balances benefits with privacy protection.
    • The Vehicle as Gaming Device
      Audi spin-off Holoride uses VR to turn the back seat into an entertainment platform.
    • BlackBerry Tech Duo Sees Emergence of Vehicle-based Platforms
      Though likely to provide the OS of autonomy, BlackBerry also anticipates a larger shift to automobiles as software platforms.
    • Improving Lidar - or Defeating It
      The buzz at Sensors Expo pitted lidar-tech optimism against the reality of an impending shakeout.
    • 'Smart' in Ohio's Heartland
      With a 45-year history in vehicle testing, Ohio's Transportation Research Center launches a $45-million investment in the automated-vehicle future, becoming North America's largest dedicated AV test facility.
    • Empathy to Elevate the User Experience
      Harman developers are striving to create human-machine interfaces oriented more towards user needs.
    • ZF's Tech Portfolio is Ready for Level 4 Autonomy
      Well aware of the relentless hype that comes with automated driving development, ZF's autonomy boss knows cost will be crucial-and customer persuasion required.
    • Trucking Without Truckers
      The challenges are myriad, but automated-trucking developer TUSimple believes the efficiencies of true depot-to-depot driverless hauling are too promising to ignore.