Autonomous Vehicle Engineering

November 2019

    • Editorial
      Bill Visnic: Expect the unexpected
    • The Navigator
      Sam Abuelsamid: Separating illusion from magic in AV deployment
    • The Road to Automobility
      The era of electrified, self-driving vehicles is upon us. Engineers are key to the transformation - with much hard work still to be done.
    • Far and Away: Remote Drivers Monitor Autonomous Vehicles
      Remote operators are helping autonomous shuttles and other AVs navigate through complex situations.
    • Mapping Canada - Centimeter by Centimeter
      A Montreal-based company leverages artificial intelligence to take on the task of developing high-definition maps of Canada.
    • You've Lost That Queasy Feeling?
      Transcontinental research aims to understand the complex nature of motion sickness to help improve the automated-vehicle experience.
    • 3D Sonar Sees Objects Overlooked by Costlier Sensors
      A dream of robotic fish inspires inexpensive automated-driving sensing technology that works for the critical areas close to the vehicle.
    • Familiarity Breeds Respect
      SAE surveyed participants in its recently-concluded AV 'Demo Days' ride-along program. Their responses reinforce positive perceptions about the automated-driving experience.
    • The AV Industry Searches for a Near-Term Business Case
      The TechCrunch Sessions at San Jose's Mobility 2019 conference advance the dialogue for real-world business cases for AVs.
    • Dial 'M' for Mobility: When Your Phone Becomes the Steering Wheel
      Tesla's controversial new Smart Summon feature raises plenty of legal-liability and regulatory questions.