Automotive Engineering

January/February 2020

    • Heat seekers
      While engineers debate the use of thermal-imaging sensors for ADAS, their capability and value are being proven for AVs of all levels.
    • EV battery-materials testing gets physical
      Reliable materials-testing methodologies are vital for progress in electric-vehicle battery development. A leader in the field explains.
    • Engineered in plastic
      SPE's annual awards highlight new and interesting materials and their applications.
    • Tremec's supercar DCT
      To polish the 2020 mid-engine Corvette's driving prowess, GM and Tremec engineers joined forces to create a new and better auto-mated transaxle.
    • Editorial
      GM goes 'all in' on EVs
    • SAE Standards News
      SAE publishes On-Route Mechanized Conductive EV Charging Systems Recommended Practices
    • Supplier Eye
      Sustaining business in the 2020s
    • What We're Driving
    • Tier 1s tout newest mobility tech at CES 2020
    • 'Laxatives' may ease challenge of lithium-ion alternative
    • Mercedes Vision AVTR concept a beacon for sustainability
    • Bosch unveils electronic sun visor
    • Hyundai brings brave new tech to 2020 Sonata
    • Volvo's Polestar: powerhouse plug-in hybrid
    • Q&A
      Talking lidar with IBEO Automotive's Paula Jones
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