Automotive Engineering

March 2020

    • Electrifying GM
      After two decades of hybrid development, General Motors puts its full future-propulsion focus on BEV technology-with vertically integrated development and production.
    • Multimatic's new SimCenter
      The Novi facility will feature the most advanced VI-grade driving simulator in the U.S., enhancing development of everything from chassis dynamics to autonomous systems.
    • New approaches in thermal management
      Electric vehicles are driving new technologies in cabin heating, ultra-fast battery charging and secondary-loop heat pumps.
    • Meet the 2020 SAE Prez
      Veteran Boeing engineer Todd Zarfos brings an open-minded focus to the SAE presidency.
    • Editorial
      The strong case for hybrids
    • SAE Standards News
      SAE and ISO co-publish pioneering cyber standard
    • Supplier Eye
      Tackling the uncertainty of EV supply
    • GM deploying electricals of the future
    • Xtrac readies e-axle for Rallycross racing
    • JLR tackles weight with structural electronics
    • Hyundai, Uber show electric VTOL air-taxi concept
    • Ford's max Mustang brings 'world class' into the sports coupe conversation
    • 2021 Cadillac Escalade brings a dash of curved OLED - and a diesel
    • Nikola's FCEV pickup surprise
    • Nissan's 2020 Frontier gets new V6, 9-speed
    • Q&A
      Tula Technology's President and CEO Scott Bailey