Automotive Engineering

June 2020

    • Tesla casts a new strategy for lightweight structures
      The EV maker boldly invests in the world's largest aluminum die-casting machine to manufacture entire rear underbody structures.
    • Steel the Real Deal
      Steel's infinite recyclability will help it remain the auto industry's material of choice, insists Tata Steel Europe's CCO.
    • Tesla's Cybertruck is audaciously austenitic
      A proprietary 301-series stainless steel gives Tesla's first pickup truck unique sales attributes while saving tooling cost.
    • Lightweight design beyond CAD
      New computational tools enable an integrated data-fusion approach to complex, mixed-materials engineering. An expert from nTopology explains.
    • Editorial
      Impressions of a rocket launch
    • SAE Standards News
      New Cooperative Driving Automation standard provides clarity to support advancement of full automation
    • Supplier Eye
      Now comes product-cadence chaos
    • What We're Driving
    • Can CHAdeMO 3.0 standardize global EV quick-charging?
    • Cummins and Tula test 'dynamic' cylinder deactivation for diesels
    • Customization drives new Porsche paint process
    • Q&A
      Paul Platte discusses Covestro's new polycarbonate solutions