Automotive Engineering

November/December 2020

    • Volkswagen reveals its 'people's' EV
      VW's ID.4 leads the 2021 stampede to electrification for the mass market.
    • Answering the fuel-cell compressor question
      The optimum compressor device for a fuel cell depends on vehicle application - and a lot more. An Eaton expert explains.
    • Tire pressure's impact on EV driving range
      A new study shows that tighter control of tire-pressure loss can lead to marked improvement in electric-vehicle efficiency.
    • Editorial
      Warm socks for the EV options list
    • Supplier Eye
      For suppliers, a new drumbeat
    • New SAE wireless charging standard is EV game-changer
    • Tula DMD aims for more-efficient e-machines
    • Multiphysics helps transform modeling, simulation
    • Is the camshaft being timed out?
    • New Magna seat puts connectivity in the second row
    • BMW reveals its first "M" performance-badged two-wheeler
    • Volkswagen readies new-generation Golf R
    • Q&A
      Discussing safety tech, standards and industry trends with Hyundai North America's Brian Latouf