Autonomous Vehicle Engineering

January 2020

    • Editorial
      Defining and standardizing AV tech and testing
    • The Navigator
      Automakers at fault if V2X spectrum is lost
    • Superior Interiors
      New-mobility thinking is changing how vehicle interiors will work for everyone.
    • Democratize AV Technology!
      Aptiv's new generation of open-sourced architectures based on a few central processors aims to speed AV adoption. CTO Glen DeVos explains.
    • Wired for Autonomy
      Wiring harnesses are already heavy, complex and costly, so what happens when AV equipment is added? An expert from Mentor weighs in.
    • Autonomy's 'Pirouetting' Future
      Protean Electric's novel 360-degree steering and in-wheel drive systems add new potential for urban mobility.
    • Restructuring for Autonomy
      At the dSPACE World Conference, engineers gained new insights into digital development and virtual design and testing.
    • The key to AV Safety is ODD
      Truly safe automated driving depends on defining the exhaustive list of overlapping conditions, use cases, restrictions and scenarios an AV might encounter.
    • Who's Making the Rules in the Fast-moving AV Age?
      The auto industry's impact on NHTSA's regulatory cadence is apparent - and it's challenging theories of rulemaking.
    • Next-gen Sensors Advancing Commercial Vehicle ADAS, Autonomy
      ZF's director of ADAS & Autonomy says the supplier is well-positioned in 2020 for the SAE Level 2 market, which he views as "a sweet spot" for commercial vehicles.
    • Silicon Valley Summit Identifies Safety Strategies for Self-driving Cars
      AV industry leaders pinpointed several effective tactics, such as limiting vehicle speeds and empowering safety operators to ground vehicles.
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