Autonomous Vehicle Engineering

May 2020

    • Editorial
      "Clean" is the new AV safety paradigm
    • The Navigator
      Leaderboard Report tracks the AV industry leaders
    • V2X to the Rescue for VRUs!
      For motorcyclists and other vulnerable road users, V2X communication is a vital safety asset for the AV future.
    • Radar's Evolving Role in ADAS and the AV Future
      The automotive radar sensor market is growing at a 21% compound annual growth rate, putting greater demands on chip design, testing, and module deployment.
    • Please Fence Me In
      Limiting operational domains to speed AV adoption.
    • Roush Lands in AV Country
      An auto-industry icon for engineering, prototyping, testing and manufacturing services establishes its West Coast presence.
    • Virus-killing Ozone Generator: Savior for Shared Vehicles?
      Tier-1 supplier Magna evaluates its proven Puro virus-killing technology for a potentially new role: sanitizing vehicle interiors.
    • New EU Patent System Could Unify and Simplify Process
      Europe's new unitary patent system and a flurry of AV legislation could be a boon to innovators.
    • Origin of the Species
      The GM-Honda-Cruise Automation partnership has created an innovative AV that enters production in 2022. Chief engineer Jason Fischer explains.
    • Underwriters Labs Publishes First AV Safety Standard
      UL 4600 is not a test. Its goal is to standardize how an AV company describes that its vehicles are safe.
    • Remote Control Reduces Risk
      Caterpillar's new electro-hydraulic platform is ready for expanded automat-ed and remote-operation technologies.
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