Autonomous Vehicle Engineering

September 2020

    • Editorial
      AV lidar enters a new reality
    • The Navigator
      UNECE takes first step toward AV regulation
    • Special Delivery - by 'Bot
      Michigan start-up Refraction AI aims to be the go-to for last-mile, semi-autonomous, all-weather delivery robots.
    • Lidar Infiltrates ADAS
      Once considered a necessity only in fully autonomous vehicles, lidar sensors are now being evaluated for lower-level driver-assistance systems.
    • Training Data-hungry AI Algorithms
      Large-scale data refinement is key to bringing more sophisticated automated-driving functions to series production.
    • Simulation's Next Generation
      Do autonomous-vehicle developers have their simulation strategies all wrong? Some experts think so - but suggest there's a practical solution.
    • Marelli's COVID-killing HVAC Insert
      With big implications for shared mobility, a new photocatalytic cabin-air purifier claims to kill viruses - including COVID-19.
    • Is Ground-penetrating Radar Next for AV Sensing?
      The two companies pursuing ground-aimed radar for autonomous vehicles have different ideas about readiness for the mass market.
    • Reconstructing Accidents in the ADAS Age
      Data access and privacy concerns will be key challenges to determine ADAS-influencing factors, according to an SAE WCX Digital Summit expert panel.
    • Autonomy is Coming to Commercial Vehicles
      But not without its share of technical and implementation hurdles - and tech-startup casualties.