Autonomous Vehicle Engineering

November 2020

    • Editorial
      Fool Self-Driving
    • The Navigator
      The end of vehicle ownership
    • Sanitary Solutions for AVs
      Gentex engineers are bridging mobility and medical technologies to tackle vital public-health issues of vehicle cabin cleanliness.
    • 'Software, Start Your Engines'
      The 2021 Indy Autonomous Challenge is a high-speed laboratory for advancing automated driving.
    • Getting to the 'Core' of AV Thermal Management
      Data-gobbling processors require new cooling solutions - and the AV industry needs standards, says a veteran engineer.
    • Autonomy Takes Off-highway
      Integrating automation systems in mining, agricultural and construction machines can increase safety and productivity in the field and bring significant economic benefits.
    • Boaring in on Vehicle-to-Animal Road Safety
      Researchers are using micro-Doppler radar, neural nets and machine learning to protect drivers from the wild critters that enter the road.
    • Ultrasonics to Keep Lidar Clean
      Widely used in many industries, ultrasonic cleaning may be the solution for that most-sensitive of AV sensors.
    • Creating Safe, Reliable Circuits for Next-gen EVs
      Design considerations for building robust circuit protection in electrified and increasingly automated vehicles.
    • AV and ADAS Testing from Out of the Box
      A new tool from Foretellix guides engineers through virtual systems testing to minimize the risk of getting dangerous pre-deployment bugs.
    • Accelerating AV Training Data and Testing
      Decoupling from real-time data collection saves time and cost while adding flexibility and quality.