SAE Truck & Off-Highway Engineering

August 2020

    • Big future for e-axles, advanced motors
      Top transmission engineers claim driveline electrification will transform everything from all-wheel drive to Class 8 tractor-trailers.
    • Big data's benefits keep a-comin'
      Gigabytes of data are being collected and increasingly mined to improve field operations, maintenance and even vehicle design.
    • Transformative times
      Despite a challenging climate, technology development progresses - as does the sharing of innovative ideas - virtually.
    • Editorial
      Zeroing in on zero emissions
    • Softing envisions secure, reliable predictive maintenance
    • Reconstructing accidents in the ADAS age
    • Paving the way to improved truck fuel efficiency
    • Nikola looks to accelerate production, hydrogen infrastructure
    • Mecalac designs unique-pivoting swing loader
    • Q&A'
      Horiba's Joshua Israel discusses complex regulatory landscape's impact on commercial-vehicle development and shift to electrification.