Aerospace & Defense Technology

June 2021

    • Advanced CT Inspection and Data Analysis
    • Designing for the Connected Battlespace
    • Engineering an Aircraft Hydrogen Powertrain
    • Open System Software for Critical Applications
    • Making Fully Digital Beamforming for Radar and Electronic Warfare Applications a Reality
    • Defeating Commercial Drone Threats with Software Defined Radio
    • Quantifying Eye Movement Trajectory Similarity for Use in Human Performance Experiments in Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance (ISR) Research
      Using ScanMatch, a Matlab software package, to determine the similarity of two strings of eye tracking data provides useful background and recommendations for potential applications in Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance (ISR) research.
    • Stochastic Surveillance and Distributed Coordination
      Designing fast and unpredictable motion strategies for robotic surveillance agents in complex environments using Markov chain modeling and optimization methods.
    • Biobased Carbon Fibers and Thermosetting Resins for Use in DOD Composites Applications
      The use of biological resources to make advanced fibers and high-performance thermosetting resins will help reduce the dependence of military composites on the volatile cost of petroleum, result in significant technological gains, and reduce toxicity of composite materials.
    • Feasibility Analysis of UAV Technology to Improve Tactical Surveillance in South Korea's Rear Area Operations
      Using experimentation and analysis to determine the optimum characteristics of an improved unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) that can cost-effectively be used as a battalion-level countermeasure to solve problems in the Korean rear area operations caused by the Republic of Korea's military structure reform.