Automotive Engineering

April 2021

    • Optimizing hybrids for cost and fficiency
      AVL engineers detail a modular engine program suitable for all forms of hybridization.
    • ICE: Once more, with feeling
      BorgWarner CSO sees at least one more generation of the ICE before its 'sunset.'
    • Actuating hybrid and EV efficiency
      More sophisticated driveline-disconnect systems are part of the electrified-vehicle future, says the head of controls at Stoneridge.
    • The world's piston maker charts the ICE future
      According to Mahle's research VP, the remaining development path for internal combustion is clean, electrified and ready for alternative fuels.
    • Pumping EV heat
      Heat-pump technology is a game-changer for the widespread adoption of electric vehicles, says a service-tech training expert and EV owner.
    • Editorial
      The 1,000-hp hype machine
    • Supplier Eye
      A hard look at new sourcing strategies
    • Aluminum dominates for EV battery enclosures - for now
    • Inkjet ingenuity for the automotive paint shop
    • Aiming for the 5-minute EV recharge
    • Road Ready
      2022 Bolt EUV: Super Cruise ADAS comes to Chevrolet
    • Q&A
      Achates Power's Larry Fromm details the route to bringing the company's opposed-piston, compression-ignition, multi-fuel engine to series production in 2024.