Automotive Engineering

June 2021

    • Teardown Titan
      Munro & Associates is leading competitive analysis into the EV age - and spreading the gospel with a global YouTube fan base.
    • Lightweight steel on a (cold) roll
      A newly developed high-strength steel for cold stamping aims to beat aluminum for EV battery enclosures and other vehicle applications.
    • How EVs and their electronics stick together
      New adhesives play an increasingly vital role in vehicle structures, battery packs, and in protecting sensitive electronic components from extreme thermal cycling and contaminants.
    • Editorial
      Farewell and thanks, Mr. Birch
    • SAE Standards News
      SAE and ISO refine the Levels of Driving Automation
    • Supplier Eye
      Making the BEV commitment
    • Digitizing that new-car smell
    • Toward an electric two-wheeled Triumph
    • WCX 2021: Systems thinking pushing ahead
    • Road Ready
      Ford details all-electric F-150 Lightning
    • Q&A
      Martin Fischer, ZF board member and head of North American electronics, ADAS and safety initiatives, talks the future of onboard computing and the industry's computer-chip supply crisis.
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