Automotive Engineering

October 2021

    • BYD's Blade Runner
      The Chinese mobility-and-energy giant's novel 'Blade' battery eliminates the cell module level to compete with NCM chemistry at significantly lower cost - and greater proven safety.
    • Making UX easy on the eyes
      Faurecia IRYStec combined physiology and image processing to create uniquely personalized high-fidelity screen displays, as pioneered by Mercedes' MBUX. The company's founder explains.
    • Extending the Wankel's future on hydrogen fuel
      Proven in thousands of military drone aircraft, the lightweight and power-dense Wankel rotary still aims for a a zero-emissions range extender.
    • 'Retuning' lubricants for EV duty
      Lubrizol's top grease expert talks about how the electric vehicle trend is driving innovations and creating opportunities.
    • Editorial
      Let's end EV sales subsidies
    • Supplier Eye
      Dealing with the BEV 'concavity'
    • IAA Munich and the future of 'mobility' shows
    • New Zapp electric scooter: just 200 pounds, 200 components
    • Toyota primes for big battery, EV action
    • 2022 Toyota Tundra: V8 replaced by twin-turbo V6, hybrid
    • 2022 Hyundai Santa Cruz: A truck by any other name
    • Q&A
      John Miller, VP Engineering at DEWESoft on driving DAQ product development using the customer's voice.