Autonomous Vehicle Engineering

January 2021

    • Editorial
      Reality confronts R&D
    • The Navigator
      Apple juices the automotive lidar market
    • Level 2+: Taking High-Value ADAS Mainstream
      Enhanced SAE Level 2 automated driving systems avoid the cost, complexity - and uncertainty - of Level 3.
    • 10 Best Practices for ADAS and AV Testing
      A veteran tester who has datalogged many thousands of miles in the U.S. and Japan offers suggestions for rapidly acquiring good test and validation data.
    • Revolutionizing the Traffic Light
      Two startups are using cameras, sensors and AI to enable more efficient vehicle flow through intersections.
    • Vehicle Safety Communications Landscape Clarifies with Controversial FCC Ruling
      The vehicle-to-everything communications-technology debate is "solved" by federal regulators - and cellular vehicle-to-everything (C-V2X) appears to be the winner.
    • Velodyne Preps for Volume Lidar
      The $500 Velarray H800 is aimed at ADAS applications and automated production at scale.
    • Protecting AV Control Circuits
      The mission-critical subsystems must be robust and reliable to ensure driver and passenger safety.