Autonomous Vehicle Engineering

September 2021

    • Editorial
      Fool Self-Driving II
    • The Navigator
      What will result from NHTSA's Tesla Autopilot investigation?
    • Data Drives Driverless Truck Launch
      Smart diagnostics and advanced validation help support the reliability metrics required to gain confidence that autonomous trucks are ready for the road.
    • Peering into the Distance
      New sensors of all types look out longer distances - and provide higher resolutions - for engineers pushing ADAS capabilities and higher-level vehicle automation.
    • Ford Drives into SAE Level 2
      Driver monitoring was an essential component to engineering the new "hands-free" BlueCruise/Active Glide enhanced ADAS system.
    • A Chore No More?
      The Detroit Smart Parking Lab opens to develop and test emerging parking technology in real-world settings.
    • Share and Share Alike
      The concepts of rideshare and urban mobility continue to evolve as new projects test what's possible.
    • Ethernet Backbones will Support Many Branches
      Ethernet is going mainstream, but CAN and other networks still will be needed as software and electronics do more.
    • V2X Signals are Looking Up
      Security concerns and the move to autonomy should spark acceptance, but engineers must overcome challenges in sensor fusion, reliability and security.
    • New Tools & Technologies