Automotive Engineering

March 2022

    • The ONE for battery innovation
      Michigan-based battery upstart Our Next Energy is tackling energy density, cost and safety with new approaches to architecture and cell chemistries.
    • Motor moves
      With EVs on the path to high-volume market penetration, automaker and supplier drive-motor production strategies come into focus.
    • Expanding ADAS roles for radar and cameras
      Evolving into lidar alternatives, the bread-and-butter sensors of ADAS are seeing potential far beyond commodity status.
    • Editorial
      The other existential threat
    • Supplier Eye
      The new EV-driven regional supply focus
    • Wheel-hub motor innovations in 'flux'
    • Purdue prototypes new EV fast-charge cable
    • GM reveals hydrogen-fueled power generator and EV rapid-charger
    • 2022 SAE President Sri Srinath: Engineer, leader, mentor
    • ZF debuts new chip-agnostic EV inverter, ADAS for Vinfast
    • GM and Qualcomm partner for Ultra Cruise
    • Q&A
      Clarios chief sustainability officer Adam Muellerweiss on how the company's 100-plus years of battery-recycling experience can inform the new era of electrification.