Automotive Engineering

April 2022

    • Airing on the side of innovation
      Lucid Motors' home-grown innovations are leading the pace in electrification. Top engineers tell how and why they're building a benchmark with the new Air EV.
    • Keeping combustion in the conversation
      The world needs ICEs to stick around - here's how.
    • Engineering a 'Maverick' hybrid transmission
      Ford Powertrain engineers marry their new in-house electric machine with the proven HF45 transmission - under aggressive vehicle program timing.
    • Driving electrified powertrain systems design
      Drive System Design punches beyond its weight class in meeting customer needs for electrified powertrain systems engineering services. DSD's North American chief Jon Brentnall explains.
    • Editorial
      A decade's difference
    • Supplier Eye
      The soft underbelly of the EV transition
    • GM details Corvette's new and mighty LT6 V8
    • The origin of EV-crucial materials
    • Valve cuts NVH in GDI engines
    • Q&A
      Uhnder CEO and co-founder Manju Hegde on digital radar and the perception needs of higher-level driving automation.