Automotive Engineering

June 2022

    • Making the torque-transfer transition
      Amsted Automotive Group saw the EV revolution coming and has 'the means' to deliver greater driveline efficiency. AAG's top engineers talk next-gen technology.
    • Electric radiant heat for EV cabin comfort
      New HVAC tech helps Toyota tackle the EV heat-vs.-range conundrum.
    • Honda sticking with structural adhesives
      Honda extends its use of adhesive bonding to the 2022 Acura MDX, enhancing the vehicle's dynamic performance, among other benefits. Principal engineer Patrick Shafer explains.
    • Editorial
      EV, give me heat!
    • Supplier Eye
      Inflation ignites another supplier squeeze
    • Toyota reinvesting in collaborative safety research
    • SAE and NREL partner to strengthen EV-charging cybersecurity
    • Expanding the 'bubble' of cabin acoustics
    • 2022 Ford F-150 Lightning redefines the pickup paradigm
    • GM's Hummer EV is like nothing else