Automotive Engineering

July/August 2022

    • R1T Exposed!
      A comprehensive teardown of Rivian's pioneering electric pickup reveals praiseworthy build quality, innovative thinking?and some lapses in manufacturability.
    • EVs drive NVH materials innovation
      Skateboard platforms, high-frequency motor noise push lower dB thresholds and new countermeasure solutions.
    • Optimizing design for additive manufacturing
      Avoiding the pitfalls of 3D printing requires knowing the process limitations - and how to work around them. An expert at a leading AM specialist shares insights on getting it right.
    • Real-time processors help drive the zonal E/E revolution
      With its new generation of software-compatible processors, NXP aims to accelerate systems consolidation and performance.
    • Editorial
      The new Prince of Darkness
    • Supplier Eye
      EVs pressure supplier value-add
    • Electrification forces fresh perspectives on vehicle NVH
    • Wireless road charging for EVs to debut mid-decade
    • Hyundai engineers a multi-modal electrified mobility future
    • Data boom drives Bosch to hire 10,000 software engineers in 2022
    • 2023 Cadillac Lyriq spearheads GM's EV assault
    • Hyundai puts the 'N' in performance
    • Lotus breaks out with new Eletre electric SUV
    • Q&A
      Paul Thomas, executive VP of mobility solutions for Bosch in the Americas, details how the company is positioning itself and its R&D investments to address the new-mobility landscape.