Autonomous Vehicle Engineering

July 2022

    • Editorial
      Structure and standards count
    • The Navigator
      We finally have some data on ADAS!
    • Sensing Enters a New Era
      Neural Propulsion Systems' advanced information theory enables AVs to 'see' everything sooner, clearer and farther ahead.
    • Pushing the Boundaries of Automated Driving
      The Indy Autonomous Challenge stages events in which high speed defines the ODD.
    • An Holistic Approach to Verifying Cybersecurity in Design
      A powerful new generation of test and sim solutions aims to address speci?c security concerns associated with automotive designs.
    • Sensors Step Out While Startups Stutter
      Highlights from the 2022 AutoSens conference show technical progress and confirm some industry suspicions.
    • Communicating the Language of Vehicle Autonomy
      Amid growing public misconceptions of what 'self-driving' means, engineers stress the importance of standards and the need for crystal-clear terminology.
    • New Tools & Technologies