Automotive Engineering

February 2023

    • Time for hydrogen
      No longer '20 years in the future,' hydrogen and fuel cells are a vital, high-growth solution for carbon reduction across the transportation and other industry sectors.
    • Quicker pathways to reduce transportation's climate impact
      Reducing U.S. vehicle emissions will require policies that support a variety of alternatives to fossil-fuel-burning, non-hybrid vehicles. 'Perfect' should not be the enemy of 'good.'
    • BMW reapproaches hydrogen
      Top engineers in Munich talk about the vital role of H2 fuel cells in the climate crusade as iX5 pilot-fleet production begins.
    • Editorial
      Engineering 'electron guzzlers'
    • Supplier Eye
      CASE struggles to fulfil expectations
    • BMW readies move to structural batteries, '46120' cells
    • ZF introduces complete e-drive system for passenger, commercial vehicles
    • A Divergent approach to vehicle development and production
    • 'Electrofuels' that reduce Amazon's fleet emissions
    • Toyota punches up the Prius
    • High-performance hybrid headlines Lexus's re-engineered RX lineup
    • Product Briefs
      Spotlight: Power Electronics