Automotive Engineering

March 2023

    • The push for e-powertrain progress
      Upstarts and heavy-hitter suppliers alike are fast-tracking advances in existing e-propulsion technology - as well as radical new solutions.
    • Battle for the box
      EV battery enclosures are a hotbed of subsystem design, materials innovation and vehicle integration.
    • Returning to the SAE presidency for 2023
      Boeing veteran Todd Zarfos brings a "prudently aggressive" mindset to help advance SAE's goals in the mobility ecosystem.
    • Balancing the 'dominos' in EV thermal management
      Excessive internal valve leakage is an inefficiency that worsens upstream system inefficiencies. Effective valve design is the solution.
    • Deep breathing for EV batteries
      Optimum venting is a key to maximizing EV battery pack performance and safety. An expert offers five important design considerations.
    • Editorial
      The Ford we didn't know
    • Supplier
      A bumpy ride to the BEV future
    • BMW takes multi-modal route to manufacturing
    • Lumotive's new LCM chip underpins next-gen lidar
    • Brunswick launches all-electric marine outboard
    • Sustainability shines in Asahi's shuttle concept
    • Chevrolet unveils 2024 Corvette E-Ray hybrid
    • Mazda's 2024 CX-90 offers all-new turbo I-6, PHEV propulsion
    • Volvo's high-wire act: new EX-90
    • Q&A
      Satoki Oya, chief engineer for the fifth generation 2023 Toyota Prius, talks about radically changing the look and performance of the world's best-known hybrid - without impacting its signature efficiency.