Aerospace & Defense Technology

September 2023

    • How Thunderbolt 4 Helps Bring Fault-Tolerant, Distributed Systems to Market
    • Delivering Operational Energy to Enhance Warfighter Capability
    • Optoelectronic Analog Signal Transmission Takes Center Stage Amidst Aerospace and Defense Innovation
    • Shaking Outside the Box to Advance Flight Research
    • An Introduction to Quantum Computing
    • How Laser Communications Innovation is Finally Coming of Age and Driving Innovation in Defense
    • Spatial Calibration for Accurate Long Distance Measurement Using Infrared Cameras
      A new spatial calibration procedure has been introduced for infrared optical systems developed for cases where camera systems are required to be focused at distances beyond 100 meters.
    • Towards Greater Sensitivity: A Brief FTIR and Infrared-Based Cavity Ring Down Spectroscopy Comparative Study
      A presentation of work comparing efficacy of a traditional IR method used as a standard within the U.S. Army Combat Capabilities Development Command (DEVCOM) and by international collaborators with that of an emerging technology, cavity ring down spectroscopy (CRDS).
    • Determining Optical Material Parameters With Motion in Structured Illumination
      A set of power measurements as a function of controlled nanopositioner movement of a planar film arrangement in a standing wave field is presented as a means to obtain the thicknesses and the dielectric constants to a precision dictated by noise in an exciting laser beam and the positioning and detector process, all of which can be refined with averaging.
    • Deep Image Prior Amplitude SAR Image Anonymization
      An extensive evaluation of the Deep Image Prior (DIP) technique for image inpainting on Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) images.
    • Free-Space Quantum Communications in Harsh Environments
      Exploring the possibility of all-weather secure quantum communication using macroscopic quantum states of light.