Automotive Engineering

May Digital 2023

    • Finding solutions for Sustainable Mobility
      SAE created its SMS team to help industry rethink itself as part of the new industrial revolution and the EV transition within it.
    • Debarbonizing the EV battery supply chain
      Altering manufacturing processes and using a much higher percentage of low emission energy can help the battery industry get greener rapidly, according to a new McKinsey & Co. report.
    • Europe's dust buster
      The pending Euro 7 vehicle-emissions regulations include a significant new sustainability wrinkle: first-ever restrictions for PM emissions from brakes.
    • E-fueling for the future
      The development of carbon-neutral e-fuels enjoyed a major boost from European regulators, but production cost and scale remain issues.
    • Fuels to transition the global legacy fleet
      The EV bandwagon has obscured potential solutions for decarbon-izing the enormous global ICE legacy fleet.
    • Sustainability in strong supply
      Design innovation and an exclusive new tool for measuring carbon footprint have made Adient a sustainability leader among Tier-1s.
    • Honda's H2 progress
      CASE VP Jay Joseph outlines dramatic cost reductions in fuel-cell systems, the move into stationary power and new models for mobile and residential energy.
    • Editorial
      Engineering the 'sustainability thing'
    • On Sustainability: Video Interviews
      Three industry thought leaders talk to AE about sustainability opportunities and challenges.
    • Supplier Eye
      The four strategic choices facing suppliers
    • Multimatic-made 'legs' for Ferrari's new thoroughbred
    • Europe steps back from 2035 ICE ban
    • Honda reveals Autonomous Work Vehicle at CONEXPO 2023
    • Dodge readies a sting for the compact-SUV market
    • Toyota launches longer-range 2023 Prius Prime
    • Q&A
      Factorial Energy CEO Siyu Huang discusses the company's solid-state lithium-metal battery technology and scaling it to series production.