Aerospace & Defense Technology

May 2024

Aerospace & Defense Technology:  May 2024
    • Explaining MOSA from the Team that Led the Army Aviation Mission Computing Environment Task Order
    • What's the Best DC Motor for Your Commercial Aerospace Application?
    • Aerospace Production: Overcoming Challenges in Composite Machining
    • Understanding the Limits of Artificial Intelligence for Predictive Maintenance
    • Pushing the Limits: Engineering Advanced RF Interconnects to Meet the Challenges of Hypersonic Missile Development
    • Expanding Possibilities for Superconducting Qubits With Niobium
    • Researchers Help Robots Navigate Efficiently in Uncertain Environments
      A new algorithm reduces travel time by identifying shortcuts a robot could take on the way to its destination.
    • New, Portable Antenna Could Help Restore Communication After Disasters
      Researchers from Stanford and the American University of Beirut have developed a lightweight, portable antenna that can communicate with satellites and devices on the ground, making it easier to coordinate rescue and relief efforts in disaster-prone areas.
    • NRL Scientists Deliver Quantum Algorithm to Develop New Materials and Chemistry
      U.S. Naval Research Laboratory scientists unveil the Cascaded Variational Quantum Eigensolver (CVQE) algorithm expected to become a powerful tool to investigate the physical properties in electronic systems for disruptive defense technologies.
    • Evaluation of Additively Manufactured Ultrahard Steels
      Recent advances in both alloy development and additive manufacturing have enabled the production of ultrahigh-strength steels in nearnet shape parts.