Aerospace & Defense Technology

June 2024

    • Digital Twinning and Protecting Controlled Unclassified Information
    • Aitiip Integrates Freeform Injection Molding to Lower Weight and Reduce Production Costs
    • Image Sensors and Cameras Based on Colloidal Quantum Dots for Defense Applications
    • How SpaceVPX is Influencing the Design of Next Generation Spacecraft Avionics
    • Pioneering Space Communication with Terrestrial Know-How
    • NASA's Optical Communications Demo Transmits Data Over 140 Million Miles
    • NRL Research Physicists Explore Fiber Optic Computing Using Distributed Feedback
      Researchers introduce a fiber-optic computing architecture based on temporal multiplexing and distributed feedback that performs multiple convolutions on the input data in a single layer
    • A New Approach to Assessing the Quality of Aerospace Components
      A sensing technology that can assess the quality of components in fields such as aerospace could transform UK industry
    • New Research on Noise Reduction for Next Generation Aircraft Engines
      The mystery of how futuristic aircraft embedded engines, featuring an energy-conserving arrangement, make noise has been solved by researchers at the University of Bristol.
    • 'Nanostitches' Enable Lighter and Tougher Composite Materials
      In research that may lead to advancements in the design of next-generation airplane and spacecraft, MIT engineers used carbon nanotubes to prevent cracking in multilayered composites.