Automotive Engineering International 2003-01-01

Automotive Engineering International 2003-01-01
    • Engine strategies and engineering
      Top powertrain executives from DaimlerChrysler and General Motors talk about their companies' views and plans for the future. Greater performance, better efficiency, and reduced emissions are the highlights of the latest crop of internal combustion engines from their companies and others.
    • Educating engineers
      The automotive and academic worlds are teaming to ensure that the industry's future is full of qualified engineering talent.
    • OEM production systems enable flexibility
      Building multiple models on the same production line is a Japanese innovation--one that U.S. automakers are hurrying to implement.
    • Executives abound at SAE 2003 World Congress
      Re-tooled to increase the presence of OEMs and to make it easier for attendees to get the information they need, this year's Congress offers a great return on investment for engineers and related automotive industry professionals who spend time in Detroit's Cobo Center March 3-6.